Valued Sir or Maam
On behalf of my Master, I would like to inform You of the possibility to buy custom handcrafted leather accessories, made in scandinavia, by this slavegirl.

Under his firm supervision, this slavegirl manufactures lots of different items, like cuffs for wrist and ancles, special cuffs for suspension, whips of different kinds, blindfolds, gags, spreadbars, and other items for restraining, dicipline training, and/or punishment.
All items can be sold seperately, or in colourmatched sets.
They can also be monogrammed.

Leatherwhips are made of one piece of leather, to ensure durability and years of safe use. (Except horeshair-whips or round-leather-thread-whips, where the "tails" are secure attaced to the handle.)
All cuffs are coated with suede calfskin on the inside for comfortable longterm use, and no rivets to avoid allergic reactions.
All D-rings are welded.
Blindfolds are lined with syntetic fur inside, to avoid all lights, and to ensure a tightly adjusted strap. The strap can close in front, back or on side, to avoid hair getting tucked in, or any "wrong uncomfortableness" while laying down.

Price quote depends on quantity, and desired amount of personal customization.

Example: Kit of 2 cuffs/wrist, 2 cuff/ancles, 1 blindfold, 1 pair of doorhanger-straps, 1 whip, in matching colour with black straps: Norwegian Kroner 3.200. At this date (september 15.,  2007) it is about 460 USdollar.
(S and H not included).
Available colours are: Blood red, Wine red, Cyclamen pink, Royal blue, Navy blue, Emerald green, Forrest Green, Warm brown, Purple; other colors on requests.

All with black straps and chrome details.

Black leather, brass ("gold") decor
Black leather, chrome ("silver") decor
Suede whips
I also make special cuffs for suspension/hanging.
The shape allowes the cuff to form after the hand, to avoid cutting off blood-cirkulation.
They adjust when given weigth, and fits both small and large hands.
A spread-bar, made to match a special whip I made.
"Dressed" in leather, of course !
More things to come from this slavegirl...
- feel free to ask.
And as soon as more special leather accessories are made and photoed, I will show pictures here.

Feel free to e-mail my Master for further information if you are interested in buying some of this slavegirls leatherwork.

Or You are welcome to e-mail me, if You have any questions about colours, designs, or any form of customization.

Color; Brown
Color; Blood red
Example of large set:
1 spreadbar
1 pair "slim-line" lookable cuffs for wrists and ancles
1 pair cuff for writs and ancles
1 blindfold
1 pair suspension cuffs
1 pair doorhanger-straps
1 horsehairwhip
1 flogger
1 leathercore whip

I do also make whips from horse-hair...
Black leather, brass ("gold") decor
Color; Emerald Green
Color; Navy Blue
Color; Royal Blue
Large blue leathercore-whip, with croome handle.